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Los Angeles Megacity Carbon Project

View of Los Angeles at night from the International Space Station. Credit: NASA
The Los Angeles Megacity Carbon Project is one of three urban greenhouse gas measurement testbeds established by NIST to demonstrate scientifically-robust greenhouse gas measurement capabilities at urban and regional scales. The initial goal of the Los Angeles Megacity testbed is to measure multi-year greenhouse gas emission trends from California's South Coast Air Basin generally and by sector,  including electricity and industrial power production, transportation, and agriculture.

NIST and NOAA work collaboratively on this project alongside partners from academia, other federal agencies, and the private sector. These include NASA's JPL, Arizona State University, University of Southern California, DOE's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Earth Networks, the California Air Resources Board, and others.

The Los Angeles Megacity Carbon Project part of the NIST Urban GHG Test Bed Measurements project, which also includes the Indianapolis Flux Experiment and the upcoming Northeast Corridor Test Bed.


A number of academic and federal agencies participate in the Megacities Carbon Project. Visit the NASA Megacities website to learn more.

Created August 25, 2014, Updated April 5, 2022