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Service Life Prediction of Polymeric Materials: Vision for the Future - Presentations

Presenter Title
White Introduction
Reichert Numerical Aging of Products Exposed to the Sun
Hayes The Effect of Non-Radiation Factors on the Weathering of Silicone Hardcoats
White (Ken) Laboratory-Based Predictions of Weathering in Outdoor Environments over the Entire Degradation Pathway
Berry An Improving Accelerated Weathering Protocols to Anticipate Florida Exposure Behavior of Transportation Coatings
Celina Polymer Oxidation and Material Performance – A Critical Perspective on High Temperature Approaches
Patel Aging of adhesive binder materials in support of life assessment of sealed multi-material assemblies
Srubar Service-Life Prediction of Fully Biorenewable Wood-Plastic Composites: A Spatiotemporal Approach
Wachtendorf Development of a leaching test to estimate emissions from synthetic sports grounds into soil and ground water under weathering exposure
Koehl Accelerated Service Life Testing of Photovoltaic Modules
Watson Service Life of Electrical Cable and Condition Monitoring Methods
Pickett Hydrolysis Kinetics and Lifetime Prediction for Polycarbonate and Polyesters
Yang(Edwin) Polymer Degradation and Properties for Modeling Insulation Service Life of NM Cable
Gu Linking Accelerated Laboratory and Outdoor Exposure Results for Polymeric Materials used in Photovoltaics
Costa Polyolefin Lifetime Prediction
Masayuki Life time prediction of thermal aging of polyolefin by simple method
Yang Multi-detector GPC Characterization for Polymer Degradation
Alig Scanning acoustic microscopy for service life prediction of coatings
Hardcastle Ultra-Accelerated Weathering II: Considerations for Accelerated Data Based Weathering Service Life Predictions
Glascoe Predicting multi-material aging and degradation using reactive transport modeling
Wood What are the Limitations on Using Accelerated Methods to Predict the Decorative Properties of PVDF-based Coatings?
Thouless Time-dependent crack growth in nano-composite coatings on polycarbonate
Roduit Prediction of Thermal Aging of Materials Based on Limited Amount of Experimental Points. Modified Treatment of Kinetic Data
Blair Accelerated Aging Studies for the Lifetime Extension of O-rings Used in the SAVY-4000 Unit
Quill Test Method Development for Outdoor Exposure and Accelerated Weathering of Plastic Siding Specimens
Hsuan/ Dunn Introduction
Liechti Shear Modified Free Volume Concepts for the Nonlinear Viscoelastic Behavior of Polymers
Qi Photo-mechanics of Polymer Structural Alteration Due to Light Irradiation
Rajagopal Modeling the non-linear response of polymeric solids undergoing microstructural changes due to the diffusion of solvents
Caruthers Development of Constitutive Models for the Long Term Performance of Glassy Polymers
Keten Solvent and Confinement Effects on the Thermomechanical Behavior of Amorphous Polymers
Kiil Mathematical modeling of photoinitiated coating degradation: Effects of relative humidity, nano-size pigments, coating glass transition temperature, and light stabilizers
Le Gacac Prediction of Mechanical Properties During Polychloroprene Oxidation Using Mechanistic Modeling
Geburtig PP Numerical Photoageing Simulation by Dose Response Functions with Respect to Irradiation and Temperature – ViPQuali Project
Pochiraju Long-Term Thermo-Oxidative Degradation of High-Temperature Polymers and their Composites
Muliana Coupled Heat Conduction and Thermo-viscoelastic Analyses of Polymeric Composites
Bakis Externally Bonded FRP Strengthening:  Effects of Elevated Temperatures and Sustained Loads
Yun Stochastic Characterization for Micromechanical Properties of Polymer Matrix
La Saponara A study on the impact of aerospace fluids on the durability of fiber-reinforced composite structures
Bocchieri A study of thermal damage to a variety of composite materials resulting in wide spread delamination as a function of applied thermal load
Loyola Time Dependency of Electrical Properties of MWCNT-PVDF Films Subjected to Temperature Cycling
UL Aging Data Analysis - Traditional
UL Aging Data Analysis - New Program
UL Analytical Methods
UL Statistical Methods
UL New Program - Process
UL Aging - Round Robin Testing
UL UL Talk


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Created March 15, 2013, Updated April 19, 2013