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Test Facility

The NIST Exoskeleton testbed has a wide array of test methods for measuring the performance of passive and active exoskeletons in industrial, construction and public safety domains. The testbed supports the validation of test methods for the standards process in ASTM F48.03


Position and Load Test Apparatus for Exoskeletons (PoLoTAE)
Position and Load Test Apparatus for Exoskeletons (PoLoTAE). The PoLoTAE tests simulated generic industrial tasks (load positioning, load alignment, peg-in-hole, applied force)


Mobility Test Methods
Test Methods for: Surmounting a Hurdle | Traversing thru a Confined Space | Ascending and Descending Ramp with various surfaces | Ascending and Descending Stairs


Dexterity Test Methods
Test Methods for: Load Handling | Valve Turning | Light bulb changing | Cable routing | Fire Over Haul. 



Created May 31, 2019, Updated April 3, 2024