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Standards Related to Exoskeltons

ASTM Committee F48 Exoskeletons and Exosuits


  • F3358-18 Standard Practice for Labeling and Information for Exoskeletons
  • F3323-19 Standard Terminology for Exoskeletons and Exosuits

Work Items

F48.01 Design and Manufacturing

  • F48.01: WK62649 Labeling and Information for Exoskeletons and Exosuits

F48.02 Human Factors and Ergonomics

  • F48.02: WK65346 Safety Considerations in Designing and Selecting Exoskeletons for Industrial, Medical and Military Applications
  • F48.02: WK65347 Utilization of Digital Human Modeling
  • F48.02: WK65587 Assessing System Training

F48.03 Task Performance and Environmental Considerations

  • F48.03: WK65295 Load Handling When Using an Exoskeleton
  • F48.03: WK65296 Recording Environmental Conditions for Utilization with Exoskeleton Test Methods

F48.04 Maintenance and Disposal

  • F48.04: WK67755 Exoskeleton Wearing, Care, and Maintenance Instructions

F48.91 Terminology

  • F48.91: WK60882 Exoskeletons and Exosuits

ISO TC 299 Robotics

WG1 Robot vocabulary and characteristics

  • ISO 8373 ... Vocabulary for robots

WG2 Personal Care Robot Safety

  • ISO 13482 … Personal care robot safety
  • ISO/DTR 23482-1 … Application of ISO 13482 -- Part 1: Safety-related test methods
  • ISO/TR 23482-2:2019 … Application of ISO 13482 -- Part 2: Application guidelines

WG5 Medical Robot Safety

    JWG9: MEE & MES using robotic technology
    JWG36: Medical robots for rehabilitation

  • IEC TR CD 60601-4-1 Medical electrical equipment -- Part 4-1: Guidance and interpretation -- Medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems employing a degree of autonomy
  • IEC/FDIS 80601-2-78 Medical electrical equipment -- Part 2-78: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of medical robots for rehabilitation, assessment, compensation or alleviation

WG6 Modularity for service robots

  • Modularity for service robots – Part 1: General requirements

IEEE Wearable Robots

Created May 31, 2019, Updated June 11, 2019