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Damage Data

WUI Fire Damage

During the NIST data collection efforts in the field between December 1 and December 12, 2018, a total of 132 damaged residential structures were assessed. Each assessment consisted of a three- or four-person team performing a walk-around to identify any damage. If damage was found, a Damage Assessment Report was completed to record the type of damage. Photos were taken to document the damage.

To characterize building response to different exposures, the deployment focus was on damaged structures and not on destroyed, as with destroyed structures the critical structure response information is lost after the building is consumed by fire. Damaged structures were located using the CAL FIRE Damage Assessment Geographic Information System (GIS) Data. This information can be used to characterize building vulnerabilities and develop hazard mitigation solutions. 

Data Access

Selected photographs of residential structure damage can be found by accessing the Google Drive folder below. The Drive contains 132 folders, a folder for each structure, with damage/panoramic photos. An example of a completed Damage Assessment Report is also linked below. Data analysis is ongoing and will be presented further upon completion. The final Damage Assessment Report compiled by the CAL FIRE Damage Inspection Specialists (DINS) is also linked below, as well as an interactive map from CAL FIRE.


Created March 21, 2019, Updated February 22, 2024