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Data Sets

Data Image

Linear Axis Testbed - Rail Degradation Experiment

In this study, a rail of a linear axis testbed was intentionally degraded to various levels, affecting the carriage motion, which can be deduced with either an inertial measurement unit (IMU) or a laser-based reference system. 

Degradation Measurement of Robot Arm Position Accuracy

The dataset contains both the robot's high-level tool center position (TCP) health data and controller-level components' information (i.e., joint positions, velocities, currents, temperatures, currents). The datasets can be used by users (e.g., software developers, data scientists) who work on robot health management (including accuracy) but have limited or no access to robots that can capture real data. 

PHM for Robot Systems Testbed - Two Robot Workcell Performing Representative Manufacturing Operations  

This data set is captured from a robot workcell that is performing activities representative of several manufacturing operations. The workcell contains two, 6-degree-of-freedom robot manipulators where one robot is performing material handling operations (e.g., transport parts into and out of a specific work space) while the other robot is performing a simulated precision operation (e.g., the robot touching the center of a part with a tool tip that leaves a mark on the part). This precision operation is intended to represent a precise manufacturing operation (e.g., welding, machining). The goal of this data set is to provide robot level and process level measurements of the workcell operating in nominal parameters. There are no known equipment or process degradations in the workcell.

Created March 4, 2020, Updated April 21, 2021