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Rooftop Weather Station

photovoltaic Rooftop Weather Station

The rooftop meteorological station located on top of Building 226 on the NIST campus measures the following quantities for use in modeling and assessing the performance of the campus photovoltaic arrays: 

•direct normal irradiance (DNI)
•diffuse horizontal irradiance (DHI)
•global horizontal irradiance (GHI)
•infrared (IR) irradiance (net and total)
•ultraviolet (UV) irradiance (A, B, and total)
•spectral irradiance curves
•snow depth
•wind speed and direction
•barometric pressure
•hail count
•ambient temperature

A Sky Camera takes horizon-to-horizon images of the sky to track cloud coverage.


Created August 26, 2016, Updated November 15, 2019