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Ground Mount Array

Photovoltaic Ground Mount Array

A total of 1152 modules are installed at the ground-mount array, yielding a rated DC-output of 271 kW.  With the exception of the rear (most northern) shed, each of the five sheds is 48 modules across and 5 modules high, with the modules installed in a landscape orientation.  The rear shed is 4 modules high.  The distance between shed rows is 16 feet and the array tilt is 20 degrees.  A total of seven circuits feed the single inverter, which is located to the west of the 5-shed array. To minimize the dominant shed-to-shed shading effect, east-west series strings were implemented.  A cable-rail fence encircles the PV site and relatively long and narrow bio-retention ponds are installed along all but the west side of the array to minimize runoff.  Each monocrystalline silicon module has a rated power of 235 W and a rated efficiency of 14.4 %. 


Created August 26, 2016, Updated November 15, 2019