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October 2009 VCAT Meeting Agenda

AGENDA for Members and NLB
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Boulder, CO
October 14-15, 2009
Building 1, Room 1107
(Video Teleconference to Gaithersburg, Building 101, Employees Lounge)

Contact Stephanie Shaw ( [at] (stephanie[dot]shaw[at]nist[dot]gov)) by October 5, 2009


Theme: NIST's Laboratory Programs and their Importance to Documentary Standards Development and Implementation.

The purpose of this meeting is to continue to examine the NIST role in documentary standards and explore the interplay between this role and the laboratory programs. Based on discussions at the June VCAT meeting, this meeting will focus on cybersecurity. NIST has the specific statutory role to coordinate the use by Federal agencies of private-sector documentary standards. This coordination role and the important link between NIST's laboratory programs and the successful development of documentary standards need to be better understood by NIST stakeholders.

Key questions for the VCAT:

  • What aspects of NIST's federal coordination role best leverage the technical capabilities of the NIST laboratories?
  • How could NIST enhance its support of other Federal agencies in meeting U.S. Government needs for voluntary consensus standards? 
  • NIST's role in standards coordination has been elevated and become a priority in a number of areas (Smart Grid, Health Care IT, Cybersecurity). How should this change shape planning and priority setting efforts for the NIST laboratory programs?
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
7:45 am Travel to NIST by bus
8:00 am Arrive at NIST
8:30 am Call to Order, Upcoming VCAT Elections, Agenda Review, and New Member Introduction
Dr. James Serum, VCAT Chair
Dr. Patrick Gallagher, NIST Deputy Director
8:45 am NIST Deputy Director's Update
Dr. Patrick Gallagher, NIST Deputy Director
9:30 am Discussion on Update
Session I: NIST's Role in Cybersecurity Standards
9:45 am Overview of NIST Role in Cybersecurity Standards
Ms. Cita Furlani, Director, Information Technology Laboratory (ITL)
10:10 am Discussion
10:25 am BREAK
10:40 am Government Perspective on Issues and Challenges Associated with Cybersecurity
Dr. Thomas Donahue, Director, Cyber Policy, National Security Staff, National Security Council
11:05 am Discussion
11:20 am Industry Perspective on Issues and Challenges Associated with Cybersecurity
Mr. Steve Lipner, Senior Director of Security Engineering Strategy, Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft
11:45 am


12:00 pm Importance of NIST Laboratory Research Programs to Cybersecurity Standards
Ms. Donna Dodson, Deputy Chief Cybersecurity Advisor, ITL
12:25 pm Discussion
12:40 pm LUNCH - NIST Cafe
Session II: NIST's Laboratory Research in Support of the Future of Cybersecurity
1:25 pm Quantum Information Science: NIST's Role and the National Agenda
Dr. Carl Williams, Chief, Atomic Physics Division, Physics Laboratory (PL)
1:50 pm Discussion
2:05 pm Quantum Mechanics in Measurement, Control and Computation
Dr. Emanuel (Manny) Knill, Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division, ITL
2:30 pm Discussion
Laboratory Tours
2:35 pm Travel to Lab Tours
-Quantum-limited Metrology, Quantum-enhanced Clocks, and Steps towards Quantum Simulation
Dr. Till Rosenband, Ion Storage Group, Time and Frequency Division, PL
Dr. Emanuel (Manny) Knill, Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division, ITL
-Quantum Optical Metrology
Dr. Sae Woo Nam, Optoelectronics Division, Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory
-Precision Measurement Laboratory Project
Bryan Faktor, Project Manager, Engineering Maintenance and Support Services Division, Office of the Chief Facilities Management Officer, NIST
Thursday, October 15, 2009*
Session III: Wrap-Up
8:30 am

Roundtable Discussion on NIST's Role in Documentary Standards
Dr. James Serum, VCAT Chair

10:00 am Break
10:15 am VCAT Feedback SessionSummary of findings and thoughts for 2009 Annual Report
Dr. Vinton Cerf, VCAT Vice Chair
11:30 am Plans for February 2010Meeting
11:45 am Adjourn
*Public Comments will be inserted in the morning, if necessary.
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