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FY 2019: Presidential Budget Request Summary

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) promotes U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards and technology. For more than 115 years, NIST has maintained the national standards of measurement, a role that the U.S. Constitution assigns to the federal government to ensure fairness in the marketplace. 

This budget request is consistent with the administration’s priorities to redirect domestic discretionary resources to rebuild the military and make critical investments in the nation’s security, and keep the nation on a responsible fiscal path. 

The Scientific and Technical Research and Services (STRS) account funds NIST’s Laboratory Programs. Because technology discovery, refinement and commercialization rely on the ability to measure key attributes, NIST Laboratory Programs’ measurement research and services are central to American innovation, productivity, trade, national security and public safety. 

The Industrial Technology Services (ITS) account supports NIST’s extramural programs. Manufacturing USA creates robust research infrastructure for U.S. industry and academia to solve industry-relevant problems. The budget request discontinues federal funding for the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership program. 

The Construction of Research Facilities (CRF) account funds the maintenance, repair, improvements and major renovation of NIST facilities. While some progress has been made, the current state of NIST’s facilities and failing infrastructure remain a serious concern to NIST’s ability to deliver its mission.


Scientist stands at a photonics optical probe station.
Credit: ©Earl Zubkoff
NIST’s Zeeshan Ahmed positions an optical fiber above a small photonic sensor inside an optical probe station, in order to test how well the sensor detects dynamic changes such as temperature in bio-reactors, which can be used to make novel drug molecules. The approach allows NIST to test a large number of sensors rapidly, which is necessary at the initial design stage to optimize their performance.
Created February 9, 2018, Updated December 5, 2019