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CSF 1.1 Archive

Cybersecurity Framework V1.1

(April 2018)

Download Framework V1.1
(PDF | 1.1 MB)

CSF 1.1 Quick Start Guide

Provides direction and guidance to those organizations seeking to improve cybersecurity risk management via utilization of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

View the Guide

CSF 1.1 Online Learning

Each learning module is focused on a separate topic relating to the Cybersecurity Framework.  

Learning Modules

CSF 1.1 Perspectives

This is a listing of publicly available Framework v1.1 perspectives. 


CSF 1.1 Risk Management Resources

This is a listing of publicly available Framework v1.1 resources. 


CSF 1.1 Translations

Discover CSF 1.1 translations in various languages for enhanced accessibility and understanding.


View the Translations

CSF 1.1 Profiles

The Framework Profile is the alignment of the Functions, Categories, and Subcategories with the business requirements, risk tolerance, and resources of the organization.

Visit the Profiles

CSF 1.1 Success Stories

These brief summaries focus on why and how the organization used the Framework, emphasizing the variety of approaches and benefits, typically including results, lessons learned, and next steps

View the Success Stories

CSF 1.1 Development Archive

The Framework Development Archive page highlights key milestones of the development and continued advancement of the Cybersecurity Framework. 


Created February 5, 2018, Updated February 26, 2024