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Training: Determining What Training is Required

Topic List (click to go to topic):

  • Overview: An overview of the NanoFab's safety program.
  • Determining What Training is Required: Determine what training you need, depending on your experience and access requirements
  • Certification and how to Schedule Training: Description of general user, safety, and tool certification and how to schedule training.
  • Charges and Cancellations: Policies regarding individual and group training charges, performing work during training, and cancellations.

Determining What Training is required

The training required depends on what your activities will within the NanoFab. There are two user training levels and one for contractors. All 3 sequences are a combination of slide shows with embedded tests, an orientation walk-through and in some cases, a second test. The process is described in the flowchart below.

Flowchart for determining required NanoFab training

Level 1 - Contractor training
This training is for contractors performing work inside a NanoFab laboratory but will not be using any NanoFab resources. Contractors are not users. This training covers the basic safety guidelines associated with performing work anywhere within an active laboratory space. Content includes:
  • Location identification
  • Evacuation and shelter-in-place procedures.
  • Emergency exit locations
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Gowning procedures (optional)
  • Alarm types and associated procedures
  • Navigating the NanoFab
  • Contact numbers

Level 2 – NanoFab Lab User
This training is intended for those NanoFab users who will not be entering the cleanroom. Training includes:

  • Location identification
  • Evacuation and shelter-in-place procedures
  • Emergency exit locations
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Alarm types and associated procedures
  • Chemical handling
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Chemical waste disposal procedures
  • Chemical labeling
  • How to use NEMO for tool reservation and tool usage.
  • Scheduling tool training with NanoFab staff

Level 3 – NanoFab Cleanroom User
This training is intended for those persons who will be using NanoFab resources inside and outside the cleanroom. Training includes:

  • Everything included in level 2
  • Cleanroom gowning procedures
  • Cleanroom specific emergency and chemical handling procedures

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Created September 16, 2013, Updated September 19, 2016