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NIST User NanoFab Project Initiation

NanoFab Application Process for NIST users

1. Speak to the NanoFab Manager

This step provides you with an opportunity to go over the project goals and process flow to ensure that the NanoFab has the capabilities (equipment and processes) to complete the work.

2. Submit a project initiation

We need to collect some information on the work you are planning to do in the NanoFab. We do this both for internal record keeping and to ensure that the operations staff is prepared to meet your needs. Submit an online project initiation here. For determining your budget, you can link to the NanoFab rate sheet here. All NIST users receive the reduced rate.

3. Tell us about the people you plan to send to the NanoFab

Everyone working in the NanoFab cleanroom is required to have experience with basic NanoFab equipment and wet chemical processing.  Therefore, we ask that the PI provide NanoFab processing and safety experience information about each user they plan to send to the NanoFab.  

Principal investigators may add or remove users on an existing, active, NanoFab project at any time during its duration. To add or remove users from a project, the project PI shall send the NanoFab User Office an email at nanofabuseroffice [at] (nanofabuseroffice[at]nist[dot]gov) with the project number and the user names or NEMO IDs of the users they want to add or remove.

4. Fund your project

CNST requires that your initial payment authorization is sufficient to cover the estimated expenses for the first month of your project. However, you will only be billed for the actual expense incurred. We operate on a monthly billing cycle and will provide a report of your project’s NanoFab costs at the close of each billing cycle.

Send an Interdivision Work Order to patrick.hovis [at] (Patrick Hovis), Administrative Officer, Division 680, Mail Stop 8400.

5. Complete the safety training

The NanoFab requires an online safety training and an in-person orientation walk through. The online safety training that takes about 2 hours to complete. The in-person orientation is available every week on Monday morning and takes about 2 hours to complete; if NIST is closed on a Monday, then orientation will be offered on Tuesday. Please contact the nanofabuseroffice [at] (NanoFab User Office) to schedule your online and in-person training.

6. Acknowledge the CNST NanoFab in your publications and presentations

User facilities are responsible for demonstrating quantitatively their service to the research community. Hence, they require as a condition of service that users acknowledge the use of the facility and report the output of their work to the facility. Users agree to include the acknowledgement "Research performed in part at the NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology" in all publications and, if acknowledgements are given, in presentations as well.

7. Renew your project annually

Ninety days before the expiration date of your project, you will receive information for how to renew your project.

Created February 26, 2020, Updated September 5, 2023