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NanoFab Training Charges and Cancellation Policy

Topic List (click to go to topic):

  • Overview: An overview of the NanoFab's safety program.
  • Determining What Training is Required Determine what training you need, depending on your experience and access requirements
  • Certification and how to Schedule Training Description of general user, safety, and tool certification and how to schedule training.
  • Charges and Cancellations: Policies regarding individual and group training charges, performing work during training, and cancellations.

Charges and Cancellations

The NanoFab tool training charges apply to all fee based tools and wet benches. NanoFab orientation and safety training are provided at no cost to the user. Please reference page three of the NanoFab Rate Schedule that list the hourly training rates for each tool and typical training time associated with each tool. There are two training rates; "group" and "individual".

Cost of Training

There is a two tier cost structure for training; individual and group. The group rate is significantly less than the individual training rate.

For example, the price for training on the Oxford FlexALRPT Atomic Layer Deposition tool is $172/hour for an individual. If there are two or more people in the training session, the rate is $86/hour for each trainee.

The amount of training required may vary from individual to individual. Experienced users may need little extra training to add a tool to their privileges whereas novices may require more hours of training. The trainees will be charged their actual training time to the closest ¼ hour.

Performing Project Work During Training

When a single trainee is paying at the individual rate, they are permitted to use their sample during training.

Proprietary samples or processes cannot be used during any training sessions.

Cancellation Policy

The NanoFab staff requires 24 hour notice if a trainee cannot attend their scheduled training session. If a replacement trainee cannot be found, the no-show trainee will be charged for the training session at the group training rate for the typical number of hours.

If a trainee's scheduled partner does not attend and there is only one remaining trainee, that trainee will be charged the group rate. The NanoFab staff member may opt to reschedule the training session.

The NanoFab manager can grant exceptions to this cancellation fee in the event of certain unavoidable circumstances.

Scheduling training

NanoFab staff will try to facilitate group training whenever possible. A signup sheet will be created for each tool to assist users in finding other users to train with. A more convenient web based system will be developed in coming months.

For some tools, a regular training schedule may be implemented to facilitate group training.

Typical training times cover general tool operation and can vary depending on previous experience and aptitude. Application specific training beyond general tool usage will require additional training time and should be discussed with process engineer prior to training.

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Created November 19, 2013, Updated September 19, 2016