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Chemical / Biological / Radiological / Nuclear / Explosives (CBRNE)

News and Updates

Projects and Programs

Explosives Decomposition Chemistry

High-energy materials are commonly used as military explosives and as advanced propellants. The detailed chemical reactions responsible for detonation


Water Migration and Swelling in Engineered Barrier Materials for Radioactive Waste Disposal

Joanna McFarlane, Lawrence M Anovitz, Michael C. Cheshire, Victoria H. DiStefano, Hassina Z. Bilheux, Jean-Christophe Bilheux, Luke L. Daemen, Richard E. Hale, Ronald L. Howard, A. J. Ramirez-Cuesta, Louis J. Santodonato, Markus Bleuel, Daniel S. Hussey, David L. Jacobson, Jacob LaManna, Edmund Perfect, Logan Qualls
Deep underground repositories are needed to isolate radioactive waste from the biosphere. Bentonite is an integral component of many multibarrier repository

Tools and Instruments

Cabinet x-ray system

The Smiths Detection 6046si cabinet x-ray system was designed for security screening of bags, parcels and other objects of similar size. The system runs at 160

X-ray Backscatter Systems

X-ray backscatter systems are used for the screening of personnel for hidden weapons and other contraband. Unlike conventional radiographic x-ray systems