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Examples of visualization outputs
Examples of visualization outputs including schlieren imaging and laser light scattering.

This effort uses advanced fluid flow visualization and flow diagnostic techniques to better-understand the role of fluid dynamics in our Safety & Security focus area. Laser light sheet imaging is used to visualize the generation, evolution, transport and spread airborne particles. This is particularly useful for visualizing the spread of hazardous contamination during the manufacturing of improvised explosive devices and illegal drug mixtures, along with visualizing gun shot residue plumes. Schlieren imaging allows one to visualize air movement and is used to optimize vapor sampling and detection, and helps demonstrate the fluid dynamics of canine olfaction . Schlieren is also used for public health communication by studying human breathing and coughing, with and without a mask or face covering. These visualization techniques are coupled with high speed videography, enabling high-resolution and high-frame rate imaging of rapid events such as air jet blasting (for non-contact sampling), airborne microparticle transport, rapid thermal desorption of contraband materials, gun shot residue ejection from firearms, shockwave propagation from explosions.


Flow Visualization
Flow Visualization
Use of schlieren imaging to study dog sniffing to improve vapor detection.

Other videos:


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Created August 21, 2020, Updated April 7, 2023