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Referencing AM-Bench Data

Referencing the AM-Bench 2018 Measurement Results

Most of the AM-Bench data found on this website have also been published, primarily in the journal Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation, within the thematic section: Additive Manufacturing Benchmarks 2018.  Please cite the relevant AM-Bench publications whenever you use these data.  Note that some of the publications are listed more than once since they include measurements from more than one set of benchmark measurements.


AMB2018-01 – Metal 3D Builds

AMB2018-02 – Individual Laser Traces on Bare Metal Plates

AMB2018-03 – Polymer 3D Builds using Material Extrusion

  • To be published

AMB2018-04 – Polymer 3D Builds using LPBF

    Created March 6, 2020, Updated November 7, 2022