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Results for CHAL-AMB2018-02-GS and CHAL-AMB2018-02-DM


Cross section characterization: The AMB2018-02 AMMT laser tracks were cross sectioned perpendicular to the laser track at the center position.  Characterization measurements include optical microscopy (for CHAL-AMB2018-02-MP), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), including secondary electron (SE) imaging, electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD), and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS).  Measurements were conducted on both polished and chemically etched specimens, as required. 

SEM images: The SEM cross sections are mosaics of numerous high-resolution SEM images, obtained after cross sectioning the laser tracks, polishing, and etching using aqua regia for approximately 20 s. 

EBSD maps: The EBSD maps are images depicting the local crystallographic orientation of the grains within and immediately surrounding the cross sections.  For these measurements, the etched microstructure was polished off using a vibratory polisher with a colloidal silica polishing suspension. The polish intentionally left small portions of the melt pool perimeter visible, allowing the location of the melt pool to be seen on the EBSD maps. The Euler angles for each pixel and the corresponding diffraction pattern are also available.

EDS maps: Local composition information was obtained using EDS from all thee laser track cross sections.  Since the composition varies over very short length scales, the spatial resolution of these measurements needed to be very high.

The sample codes are hyperlinks that connect to the corresponding measurement data and results are given below.


Sample Result Details (with metadata) Direct link to SEM Image Direct link to EBSD Map (with Noise Reduction) Direct link to EDS Map
Track 3, 195 W & 1200 mm/s AMB2018-02-Trace3-195_1200 AMB2018-02--625-Trace3_SEM_Image AMB2018-02-625-Trace3-EBSD-mapNR AMB2018-02-625-Trace3-EDS-map
Track 5, 150 W & 400 mm/s AMB2018-02-Trace5-150_400 AMB2018-02-625-Trace5_SEM_Image AMB2018-02-625-Trace5-EBSD-mapNR AMB2018-02-625-Trace5-EDS_map
Track 10, 195 W & 800 mm/s AMB2018-02-Trace10-195_800 AMB2018-02-625-Trace10_SEM_Image AMB2018-02-625-Trace10-EBSD-mapNR AMB2018-02-625-Trace10-EDS-map
Created May 24, 2018, Updated July 21, 2023