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Name Organization Email Phone
Eric K. Lin
Florencio Ortiz
Mark Salisbury
Jesse Mullins
Nathan R. Copeland
Jennifer Sawyer
Russell Abernathy
Sarah E. Bell
Christopher Rivera
Sara Morse
Hector Damian-Curtes
Zackary Biagioni
Danial Kurtz
Rick Evanson
Joshua Wiersma
Daniel Anderson
Joseph R Hynes
David Abila
Attila Antal
Allen Cook
Clinton Biagioni
Eric L. Shirley
Ellen Weiser
Akeem Henry
Matthew Akre
John Connolly
Theodore Killmer
Gina M Kline
Orion Cranson
Michael Zwolak
Christian Drechsel
Jeffrey Gilbert
Ahmedetijani Abadura Emergency Services - HQ ahmedetijani.abadura [at] (301) 975-5375
Amar Abane Emerging Network Technologies Group amar.abane [at] (301) 975-0462
Vamshi Abbanaboina Project Management Office vamshi.abbanaboina [at] (301) 975-0525
Patrick J. Abbott Mass and Force Group [at] (301) 975-4218
Rabie Abdel-Halim Alteration and Maintenance Group rabie.abdel-halim [at] (301) 975-6960
Abdella Abdelkadir Customer Access and Support - HQ abdella.abdelkadir [at] (301) 975-8782
Eaman Karim Materials Science and Engineering Division - HQ eaman.karim [at] (301) 975-4661
Jalalah Abdullah National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
Brian Abe National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence brian.abe [at] (301) 975-0265
Timothy Abell Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group
Jarvis Abellana Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Nandita Abhyankar Biomedical Microtechnologies Group nandita.abhyankar [at] (301) 975-4236
Dinah Abienda Facilities Services Division - HQ
Karina Abitaev NIST Center for Neutron Research - HQ
Charles Ables Emergency Services - HQ charles.ables [at]
Omar Aboul-Enein Manipulation and Mobility Systems Group omar.aboul-enein [at] (301) 975-3440
Annu Abraham Applications Systems - HQ annu.abraham [at] (301) 975-5696