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Name Organization Email Phone
Ojaswi Agarwal Polymers Processing Group ojaswi.agarwal [at]
Marc Agnese Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group
Abhishek Agrahari Wireless Networks Division - HQ abhishek.agrahari [at] (301) 975-0604
Aman Agrawal NIST Center for Neutron Research - HQ
Sristy Agrawal Computing and Communications Theory Group sristy.agrawal [at]
Amit Agrawal Photonics and Optomechanics Group amit.agrawal [at] (301) 975-4633
William Agresti Security Components and Mechanisms Group
Jose Aguilar Facilities Modernization (Boulder) Group
Anthony Aguilar Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group
Elba Aguirre Administrative Operations Group elba.aguirre [at] (303) 497-3288
Tyler Ahern Gaithersburg Facility Maintenance - HQ
Zeeshan Ahmed Thermodynamic Metrology Group zeeshan.ahmed [at] (301) 975-5875
Ami Ahure Powell Mechanical Performance Group louise.ahurepowell [at] (301) 975-2415
Jason Ajmo National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence jason.ajmo [at] (301) 975-0355
Gabriel Akem Facilities Modernization (Gaithersburg) Group
Bulent Akgun NIST Center for Neutron Research - HQ
Ayokunmi Akingbade Information Technology Security & Networking - HQ ayokunmi.akingbade [at] (301) 975-3667
Mehwish Akram National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence mehwish.akram [at]
Matthew Akre Facilities Improvement (Boulder) Group
David Akre Facilities Improvement (Boulder) Group
Murat Aksu Networked Control Systems Group murat.aksu [at] (301) 975-3735
Vladimir Aksyuk Photonics and Optomechanics Group vladimir.aksyuk [at] (301) 975-2867
Akin Akturk Nanoscale Device Characterization Division - HQ (301) 975-2053
Gorjan Alagic Cryptographic Technology Group gorjan.alagic [at] (301) 975-2940
Eric Alanko Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group
Nour Saeed Alawami NIST Center for Neutron Research - HQ
Brian Alberding Remote Sensing Group brian.alberding [at] (301) 975-4664
Victor Albert Computing and Communications Theory Group victor.albert [at]
Darren Albert Research Services Office - HQ darren.albert [at] (301) 975-3057
Gary L. Albright Emergency Services - HQ gary.albright [at] (301) 975-2805
Pierre Alcindor Emergency Services - HQ
David F. Alderman Standards Coordination Office - HQ david.alderman [at] (301) 975-4019
Neil Alderoty The Material Measurement Laboratory Office of Operations Group neil.alderoty [at] (301) 975-8521
Eyuael Alemu Applications Systems - HQ eyuael.alemu [at]
Christine Alequin Emergency Services - HQ christine.alequin [at]
Edna L Alers Gaithersburg Radiation Safety - HQ edna.alers [at] (301) 975-5929
William Alexander Emergency Services - HQ
Travon Alexander Emergency Services - HQ
Vickie Alexander Quantum Sensors Group vickie.alexander [at] (303) 497-6412
Alaa Alfailakawi NIST Center for Neutron Research - HQ
Dillon Alfred Facilities Improvement (Gaithersburg) Group
Jayme Alger NIST Center for Neutron Research - HQ
Mohammad Alhejji Computing and Communications Theory Group mohammad.alhejji [at]
Syed Ali Platform Services Division - HQ syed.ali [at] (301) 975-0463
Masood Ali National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence masood.ali [at]
Styliani (Stella) Alimperti Materials Science and Engineering Division - HQ styliani.alimperti [at] (301) 975-0526
Abdul Alimson National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence abdul.alimson [at] (301) 975-0200
Olivia Allaire Facilities Services Division - HQ
Andrew J Allen Materials Structure and Data Group andrew.allen [at] (301) 975-5982
Richard A. Allen Mass and Force Group richard.allen [at] (301) 975-5026