Health IT

NIST's research in health IT seeks to help improve the quality and availability of healthcare and reduce healthcare costs by enabling the establishment of an emerging health IT network that is correct, complete, secure, usable, and testable.

As health IT has become a top priority around the nation, it is clear that standards and interoperability are key to the fulfillment of the goals of health IT, including

  • higher quality and more efficient care.
  • seamless, secure, and private movement of data between healthcare providers and consumers without compromise or loss of information.
  • access to medical histories (including diagnoses, diagnostic tests, laboratory tests, and medication lists) at the point of care and in other settings.
  • fewer errors and redundant tests.
  • more efficient and effective reporting, including surveillance and quality monitoring.
  • quick detection of adverse drug reactions and epidemics.

NIST has been collaborating with industry and others to improve the healthcare information infrastructure since the 1990s. NIST IT researchers have an internationally respected reputation for their knowledge, experience, and leadership. Since 2004, NIST also has worked closely with the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (HHS/ONC).

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