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Search all NIST staff

Retrieval Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Ian Soboroff Group Leader ian.soboroff [at] Fed
Kaitie Karavai Group Office Manager (Acting) kaitlin.karavai [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
George Awad george.awad [at] Fed
Amazing Chibueze amazing.chibueze [at] IntlAssoc
Keith Curtis keith.curtis [at] IntlAssoc
Hoa T. Dang hoa.dang [at] Fed
Darrin L. Dimmick darrin.dimmick [at] Fed
Jose Dixon jose.dixon [at] Assoc
Elisee Djapa elisee.djapa [at] Assoc
Angela G. Ellis angela.ellis [at] Fed
Shudong Huang shudong.huang [at] Fed
Rehan Kabir Assoc
Marion Le Bras marion.lebras [at] IntlAssoc
Ian Soboroff ian.soboroff [at] Fed
Ellen M. Voorhees ellen.voorhees [at] Fed
Keith Witherspoon Assoc