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Engineered Fire Safety Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Jiann C. Yang Group Leader jiann.yang [at] Fed
Alejandro Ayala Group Secretary alejandro.ayala [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Alejandro Ayala alejandro.ayala [at] Fed
Anthony Hamins anthony.hamins [at] Fed
Randall J. McDermott randall.mcdermott [at] Fed
Kevin B. McGrattan kevin.mcgrattan [at] Fed
Amy Mensch amy.mensch [at] Fed
Shine Park shine.park [at] Assoc
Chandan Paul chandan.paul [at] IntlAssoc
Richard D. Peacock richard.peacock [at] Assoc
Kuldeep Prasad kuldeep.prasad [at] Fed
Paul A. Reneke paul.reneke [at] Fed
Michael Selepak michael.selepak [at] Fed
Kunhyuk Sung kunhyuk.sung [at] IntlAssoc
Marcos Vanella marcos.vanella [at] Fed
Emma Veley emma.veley [at] Assoc
Nihar Xavier nihar.xavier [at] Assoc