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Frequently Asked Questions

For windows 7 user, one possibility is that, for some reason, user might have lost"write permission" on the FindIt installation directory (usually it isC:\nist\FindIt, or c:\program files(x86)\nist\FindIt).

To check if user has "full control" over the directory, go to the findit installation directory and right click on it, select"properties", and go to "security" tab to see if user is in the group that have"Full Control" allowed.

Secondly, go to the FindIt installation directory, right click on file "icsd.mde", select "properties" and make sure the "read only"attribute is NOT checked.

Alternatively user can try run FindIt as administrator by right clicking FindIt shortcut and select "run as administrator", and see if user can get the administrator privilege and if the same problem comes out again.

If everything fails, the user can first uninstall FindIt, make sure that all the files are deleted under the installation directory, and then re-install FindIt, (preferably under "C:\NIST\FindIt"), and hopefully the problem will not appear again.

Created February 5, 2016, Updated April 19, 2018