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PED Editor

Download PED Editor  

The PED (Phase Equilibria Diagrams) Editor was created by Eric Boesch for use by the PED Data Center (NIST Standard Reference Database 31) to digitize various types of phase equilibria diagrams for addition to this series as graphics files. Binary, ternary, and schematic diagrams can be digitized, and data can be extracted. The PED Editor can also be used for general graph digitization and two-dimensional scientific drawing.

A Getting Started User Manual can be downloaded here.

For technical support: send email to phase2 [at] (phase2[at]nist[dot]gov) with "PED Editor" in the subject line.

System requirements

  • Java™ programming language, Java 7 or better (free download from
  • 2- or 3-usa-button mouse (systems with no second usa-button, or no mouse at all, are not supported)
  • Screen resolution 1024x768 or better (dual monitors may be useful)
  • Any operating system for which Java is available may work, but the program has hardly been tested on anything besides Windows™ XP and Windows 7.
  • At least 512MB of memory and at least 1 GHz processor speed

While Java must be installed in order to run this program, enabling Java in your browser is optional. If you do not wish to enable Java in your browser, you can still download the JAR file, locate it using the file explorer program for your operating system, and double-click to open the file.


Created October 24, 2013, Updated May 7, 2018