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Thermodynamic Properties of Water: Tabulation from the IAPWS Formulation 1995 for the Thermodynamic Properties of Ordinary Water Substance for General and Scientific Use

Allan H. Harvey Physical and Chemical Properties Division Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory National Institute of Standards and Technology Boulder, Colorado 80305

October 1998


This report consists primarily of tables of water/steam thermodynamic properties calculated according to the IAPWS formulation by the NIST-10 Standard Reference Database. It is made available here in the following pieces:

·List of Symbols·Introductory and explanatory text·Table 1. Saturation (Temperature)·Table 2. Satuation (Pressure)·Table 3. Compressed Water and Superheated SteamNISTIR 5078 also contained (as Appendix A) a reproduction of the IAPWS-95 release document. This document is available directly from IAPWS.

Created August 31, 2010, Updated August 25, 2016