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NIST Standard Reference Database 79

NIST Quantitative Infrared Database

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NIST Special Database 19 is discontinued.

The NIST Quantitative Infrared Database currently consists of a collection of 21 absorption coefficient spectra of volatile organic compounds. These spectra were measured from primary gas standards prepared and verified at NIST. Spectra are provided in 5 resolutions from 2.00 cm–1 to 0.125 cm–1 using 5 apodization functions. The data file format conforms to the standard JCAMP-dx format and should be readable by commercially available analysis programs. Also included is an uncertainty estimate for the absorption coefficient data, which includes the estimated uncertainties associated with compound purity, primary standards, computation and instrumental performance.

Included with the database are programs to allow viewing, printing and verification of the spectra. For users in the US and Canada verification is accomplished through digital signature of the spectra file; for international users it consists of 32-bit CRC. Verification guarantees that the data file has not been altered, and thus is traceable to NIST. A NIST certificate of traceability can be viewed and printed for each of the spectra.

NIST is committed to adding to the database spectra of more compounds from the EPA HAPS list over the next few years. As spectra of new compounds or updates to existing spectra become available they will be posted to the NIST ftp site. The included program can be used to automate the update process.

You may browse the Users' Guide to see how this database works.

System Requirements: Windows TM NT 4.0 or later, Windows 95, 98, 2000; a minimum 35MB of free disk space to store spectra; 32MB memory; Pentium 166 or better recommended; screen resolution of 800 x 600. Internet connection needed to run

Standard Reference Data Program
National Institute of Standards and Technology 100 Bureau Dr., Stop 2300
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-2310 (301) 975-2200 (VOICE)/ (301) 926-0416 (FAX) / Contact Us

The scientific contact for this database is:

Pamela Chu Process
Measurements Division
National Institute of Standards and Technology 100 Bureau Dr., Stop 8360
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8360
Phone: (301) 975-2988 E-Mail: Pamela.Chu [at] (Pamela[dot]Chu[at]nist[dot]gov)


Keywords: EPA TO-16, Hazardous air pollutants (HAPS), Infrared, Quantitative, remote sensing, volatile organic compounds, NIST.

Created August 26, 2010, Updated September 1, 2016