The NIST Materials Data Program provides evaluated data on phase equilibria, structure and characterization, and performance properties.

Several materials performance property databases are now available, including the online NIST Ceramics WebBook which provides numeric data for physical and structural characteristics, mechanical and thermal properties, and properties of advanced ceramic materials.

SRD 31 Phase Equilibria Diagrams Database, PC, DG, *
SRD 30 NIST Ceramics WebBook, Online, DG, *
SRD 137 NIST Oxide Glasses Collection, Online
SRD 138 NIST Property Data Summaries for Fracture Toughness, Online
High Temperature Superconducting Materials Database, Online, DG, *
Synthetic Polymer Mass Spectrometry Project, Online
SRD 139 Phase Diagrams and Computational Thermodynamics, Online
NIST Property Data Summaries for Advanced Materials, Online, DG, *
SRD 30 NIST Structural Ceramics Database, Online, DG, *
Polymer Maldi MS Methods Database, Online, DG, *

The codes in the list below have the following meanings:

PC PC product, most available for purchase, some are free
Online Free online system
DG Inclusion in the NIST Data Gateway - a portal providing access to many NIST scientific and technical databases. It is searchable by keyword, property, or substance name.
* Product contains data that have undergone rigorous critical evaluation by experienced researchers who recommend best values.
Online Subscription Product is a yearly subscription web product.





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