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Buildings and Construction

The following software products provide the means for evaluating and predicting performance of next generation materials and products in buildings. They also provide the means to assure that buildings work better throughout their useful lives and allow technology-based innovations to modernize and assure the safety and performance of construction.




SRD 49

NIST Vapor Compression Cycle Design Program: CYCLE_D  

CYCLE_D simulates vapor compression refrigeration cycles that use single-compound refrigerants or refrigerant blends for 70 single-compound refrigerants and 97 predefined blends. Read More

SRD 73 REFLEAK: NIST Leak/Recharge Simulation Program for Refrigerant Blends

REFLEAK estimates composition changes of zeotropic mixtures in leak and recharge processes in industrial applications such as distillation, refrigeration, and cleaning processes. Read More

SRD  81

NIST Heat Transmission Properties of Insulating and Building

Heat transmission properties—thermal conductivity, resistivity, conductance, and resistance—for building materials and thermal insulation are provided in this database. Read More


Created August 27, 2010, Updated September 19, 2018