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Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing


Programs & research

Measurement Science for Additive Manufacturing Program
This program addresses measurements and standards necessary to develop and deploy advances in measurement science that will enable rapid design-to-product transformation; material characterization; in-process process sensing, monitoring, and model-based optimal control; performance qualification of materials, machines, processes and parts; and end-to-end digital implementation of Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes and systems. 

Measurement Science for Manufacturing Robotics Program
To develop and deploy measurement science, standards, and test methods that advance manufacturing robotic system performance, collaboration, agility, autonomy, safety, and ease of implementation to enhance U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness.

Model-Based Enterprise Program
The Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) program aims to answer how a manufacturer can match product needs to process capabilities to determine the best assets and ways to produce products to support U.S. industry’s competitiveness and address industry’s need for interoperability across decentralized systems.

Trustworthy Systems, Components, and Data for Smart Manufacturing Program
Advances in computing and communication technology present great opportunities to improve manufacturing productivity. However, applying this technology without considering the unique needs of manufacturing can adversely affect safety, performance, quality, and cost. This program will research methods to measure the impact of new computing and communication technologies on manufacturing, and to establish a basis of trust in their application, delivering guidelines, best practices, and standards that enable manufacturers to confidently select and apply new technology.

Enable the next generation of innovative and competitive manufacturing through advances in measurement science.


Making it Happen in a Man’s World

With a career of more than 40 years in the manufacturing industry, I can look back now and see that I was greatly influenced by my father, who worked for an