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Lispix is a public domain image analysis program for Windows, written in LISP and maintained by David Bright.  Lispix includes basic image processing functions similar to those in ImageJ(link is external) (National Institutes of Health), and special purpose research tools for electron microscopy and spectral imaging.  Lispix is useful for processing and analyzing images, stacks of images and data cubes. Image pixels can be bit, integer, real, complex and color.

Lispix comes as a folder with the executable, data, and documentation.  The documentation will open in your web browser.  LISP source code is available micro [at] (subject: Lispix) (on request).

All the downloads below are available to the right as self-extracting zip archives.  Each extracts to a folder with the same name as the .exe file. 

Lispix Program

The executable, named Lx<version number>p.exe with documentation, data and sample images are included in the extracted folder.  Start Lispix by opening the .exe file.

          Lx249p                  7/18/2014           

          Lx190p                  3/6/2012

Tutorial ImageJ Exercises

These exercises were written over 15 years ago for NIH Image (legacy software, runs on PPC Macs),  and ImageJ (currently updated software, runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux).  This is a legacy document, but is still useful.  The Image-lab-exercises are in html files which, after downloading and extracting from the image-lab-exercises archive, viewed by double-clicking on labs.html, which should open directly in your browser.

          Tutorial-ImJ-exercises                   12/14/2011

          Tutorial-ImJ-images                       12/14/2011

Sample Image Sets

          Image-samples    A variety of images for use with various tools, available from the main Lispix menu.

          Particle-images   A collection of 512 x 512 pixel images of individual particles, for use with the particle morphology descriptors in the Form Terms accessory to the Spreadsheet tool, available in the main Lispix menu.


Materials Measurement Science Division

Created February 27, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019