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GSAS_USE (Bayesian Statistics Approach to Accounting for Unknown Systematic Errors)

GSAS_USE addresses the effects of systematic errors in Rietveld refinements. The errors are categorized into multiplicative, additive, and peak-shape types. Corrections for these errors are incorporated into using a Bayesian statistics approach, with the corrections themselves treated as nuisance parameters and marginalized out of the analysis. Structural parameters refined using the proposed method represent probability-weighted averages over all possible error corrections.

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Related Publication

Gagin, A. & Levin, I., Accounting for Unknown Systematic Errors in Rietveld Refinements: A Bayesian Statistics Approach. J. Appl. Cryst48, 1201-1211, (2015). 


Created October 4, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019