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Safety and Security

Providing the National primary standards for radiation and radioactivity measurements and standards places the Division in a unique position to be leaders, and to work with other agencies, in the development of consensus performance standards and testing protocols for radiation and neutron detectors, x-ray and high energy gamma-ray interrogation methods, and x-ray imaging systems, as well as guiding developments in data formats for instrumentation output and training standards for instrumentation used by emergency and first responders. Providing key measurement tractability for secondary calibration laboratories allows dissemination of NIST standards to a vast community of users of ionizing radiation.

Alpha-gamma Counting for High Accuracy Fluence Measurements

Advanced X-ray Systems for the Detection of Special Nuclear Materials

Air-Kerma Measurements in High Energy X-ray Beams

Californium Neutron Irradiation Facility

Comparison of ANSI N42.46 and IEC 62523 Standards for Cargo and Vehicle Screening

Enhanced X-ray Imaging

High-Efficiency Neutron Detection and Spectroscopy

National and International Standards for X-ray Security Screening Applications

National Technical Nuclear Forensics CRMs

Neutron Cross Section Standards

Neutron Devise Calibrations

Neutron Detector Replacement Program

Neutron Source Strength Calibration

New Manganese Sulfate Bath

Standards Development for Detection of Illicit Trafficking of Radioactive Materials

Testing of Radiation Detection Systems

Created December 13, 2012, Updated August 25, 2016