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Ultraslow propagation of an optical pulse in a three-state active Raman gain medium



Lu Deng, Marvin G. Payne, Kaijun Jang


We investigate an active Raman gain scheme for significant group velocity reduction. We show that this scheme, which is fundamentally different from the electromagnetically induced transparency scheme, is capable of achieving ultraslow and distortion-free propagation of a pulsed probe field. We demonstrate the group velocity behavior that is drastically different from the conventional electromagnetically induced transparency scheme, and we show that the new scheme can be used to accurately determine the decoherence rate of a long-lived state. In addition, the Raman gain scheme has the advantage of being broadly tunable, an important feature that may have potential applications.
Physical Review A


Raman medium, ultra slow light propagation


Deng, L. , Payne, M. and Jang, K. (2006), Ultraslow propagation of an optical pulse in a three-state active Raman gain medium, Physical Review A, [online], (Accessed May 28, 2024)


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Created October 9, 2006, Updated November 10, 2018