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The Structural Evolution of Pore Formation in Low-K Dielectric Thin Films



M S. Silverstein, Barry J. Bauer, V. J. Lee, R C. Hedden, B G. Landes, J L. Lyons, B Kern, J Niu, T Kalantar


Specular x-ray reflectivity and small angle neutron scattering were used to characterize changes in the porosity, pore size and pore size distribution on processing a SiLK oligomer filled with 21.6 %v/v of a deuterated porogen with an average radius of 56 . Processing yielded a decrease in porosity to about 11%, an increase in average pore radius to 83 , and a narrower pore size distribution. A sample with an unusual pore structure could be easily identified
Conference Dates
March 24-28, 2003
Conference Title
ULSI Technology


electronic materials, Low-k dielectrics, nanostructured materials, pore size neutron scattering, porosity, thin films, x-ray reflectivity


Silverstein, M. , Bauer, B. , Lee, V. , Hedden, R. , Landes, B. , Lyons, J. , Kern, B. , Niu, J. and Kalantar, T. (2003), The Structural Evolution of Pore Formation in Low-K Dielectric Thin Films, ULSI Technology, [online], (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created January 1, 2003, Updated February 17, 2017