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Spectroscopic Line Parameters of Water Vapor for Rotation-Vibration Transitions near 7180 cm^(-1)



Daniel Lisak, Daniel K. Havey, Joseph T. Hodges


We present low uncertainty measurements of line parameters for fifteen rotation-vibration transitions of water vapor in the wave number range 7170.27 cm^(-1) to 7183.02 cm^(-1). These experiments incorporated frequency-stabilized cavity ring-down spectroscopy and a primary standard humidity generator which produced a stable and accurately known amount of water vapor in a nitrogen carrier gas stream. Intensities and line shape factors were derived by fitting high-resolution spectra to spectral models that account for collisional narrowing and speed-dependent broadening and shifting effects. For most transitions reported here, we estimate the relative combined standard uncertainty of the line intensities to be <0.4%, of which approximately one half this value we ascribe to limited knowledge of the line shape. Our measured intensities and broadening parameters are compared to experimental and theoretical literature values. Agreement between our experimental intensity measurements and those derived by recent ab initio calculations of the dipole moment surface of water vapor is within 1.5%.
Physical Review A (Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics)


Cavity Ring-Down, Absorption Spectroscopy, Water Vapor, Humidity, HITRAN


Lisak, D. , Havey, D. and Hodges, J. (2009), Spectroscopic Line Parameters of Water Vapor for Rotation-Vibration Transitions near 7180 cm^(-1), Physical Review A (Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics), [online], (Accessed May 25, 2024)


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Created May 12, 2009, Updated October 12, 2021