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Silicon Micromachines for Fun and Profit



David Bishop, Flavio Pardo, Cris Bolle, Randy Giles, Vladimir Aksyuk


Over the last decade or so a group of us, while working at Bell Labs, have been able to develop a large number of silicon micromachines for a wide range of applications. In this article, which is part of a special volume to celebrate the career of Professor Francis Gasparini who is an old friend and colleague, we review the devices we have been able to build and discuss their applications. These applications range from scientific experiments looking at single vortex dynamics and the observation of the Casimir effect to technological applications such as a large, all-optical switch. In this article we make the point that MEMS devices and VLSI processing are the "New Physics Machine Shop".
Journal of Low Temperature Physics


Silicon micromachines, MEMS, Optical switching, Vortices


Bishop, D. , Pardo, F. , Bolle, C. , Giles, R. and Aksyuk, V. (2012), Silicon Micromachines for Fun and Profit, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, [online], (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created December 11, 2012, Updated October 12, 2021