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Self-aligned multi-channel silicon nanowire field-effect transistors



Hao Zhu, Qiliang Li, Hui Yuan, Helmut Baumgart, D. E. Ioannou, Curt A. Richter


Si nanowire field effect transistors (SiNW FETs) with multiple nanowire channels and different gate lengths have been fabricated by using a directed assembly approach combined with standard photolithographic process. The electrical characteristics of SiNW FETs containing different numbers of nanowire channels were measured and compared. The multi-channel SiNW FETs show excellent performance: small subthreshold slope ( 75 mV/dec), large ON/OFF ratio ( 108), high break-down voltage (> 30 V) and good carrier mobility (µp 100 cm2V-1s-1). These excellent device properties were achieved by using a clean, self-alignment process and an improved device structure with Schottky barriers at the source and drain contacts. Such high-performance multi-nanowire FETs are attractive for logic, memory and sensor applications.
Solid State Electronics


Nanoelectronics, beyond-CMOS, Self-alignment, Nanowire field-effect transistor, Multi-channel nanowire FET, Schottky barrier


Zhu, H. , Li, Q. , Yuan, H. , Baumgart, H. , Ioannou, D. and Richter, C. (2012), Self-aligned multi-channel silicon nanowire field-effect transistors, Solid State Electronics, [online], (Accessed May 28, 2024)


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Created December 11, 2012, Updated October 12, 2021