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Rapid Identification of Synthetic Routes to Functional Metastable Phases Using X-Ray Probed Laser Anneal Mapping (XPLAM) Time-Temperature Quench Maps

June 6, 2021
Robert T. Bell, Peter A. Beaucage, Marc J. Murphy, Aine Connolly, David Ginley, Ulrich Wiesner, R. B. Van Dover, Michael O. Thompson
Most material systems have known or predicted functional phases that are metastable at standard temperature and pressure. While substantial advances have been made in the high-throughput and combinatorial synthesis of materials with a range of

Materials Combining Asymmetric Pore Structures with Well-Defined Mesoporosity for Energy Storage and Conversion

November 25, 2020
Sarah Hesse, Kevin Fritz, Peter A. Beaucage, R. Paxton Thedford, Fei Yu, Francis Disalvo, Jin Suntivich, Ulrich Wiesner
Porous materials design often faces a trade-off between the requirements of high internal surface area and high reagent flux. Inorganic materials with asymmetric/hierarchical pore structures or well-defined mesopores have been tested to overcome this trade

X-ray Scattering Studies of Reverse Osmosis Materials

August 25, 2020
Qinyi Fu, Nisha Verma, Benjamin S. Hsiao, Francisco J. Medellin-Rodriguez, Peter A. Beaucage, Christopher M. Stafford, Benjamin M. Ocko
Scarcity of freshwater is becoming a world crisis. In a recent annual risk report, the World Economic Forum lists it in their greatest global risk category. Currently, about four billion people live under conditions of severe water scarcity for at least