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Failure mechanisms in DNA self-assembly: Barriers to single fold yield

February 23, 2021
Jacob Majikes, Paul Patrone, Anthony J. Kearsley, Michael P. Zwolak, James Liddle
Understanding the folding process of DNA origami is a critical steppingstone to the broader implementation of nucleic acid nanofabrication technology but is notably non-trivial. Origami are formed by several hundred cooperative hybridization events – folds

DNA Origami Design: A How-To Tutorial

January 8, 2021
Jacob Majikes, James Alexander Liddle
While the design and assembly of DNA origami are straightforward, its relative novelty as a nanofabrication technique means that the tools and methods for designing new structures have not been codified as well as they have for more mature technologies

Revealing thermodynamics of DNA origami folding via affine transformations

June 4, 2020
Jacob M. Majikes, Paul N. Patrone, Daniel R. Schiffels, Michael P. Zwolak, Anthony J. Kearsley, Samuel P. Forry, James A. Liddle
Structural DNA nanotechnology, as exemplified by DNA origami, has enabled the design and construction of molecularly precise objects for a myriad of applications. However, limitations in imaging, and other characterization approaches, make a quantitative