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3rd High-Performance Computing Security Workshop: Joint NIST-NSF Workshop Report

September 26, 2023
Yang Guo, Jeremy Licata, Victoria Yan Pillitteri, Sanjay (Jay) Rekhi, Robert Beverly, Xin Yuan, Gary Key, Rickey Gregg, Stephen Bowman, Catherine Hinton, Albert Reuther, Ryan Adamson, Aron Warren, Purushotham Bangalore, Erik Deumens, Csilla Farkas
High-performance computing (HPC) is a vital computational infrastructure for processing large data volumes, performing complex simulations, and conducting advanced machine learning model training. As such, HPC is a critical component of scientific

Machine Learning-Based Algorithmically Generated Domain Detection

May 1, 2022
Zheng Wang, Yang Guo, Douglas Montgomery
Malware like botnets typically uses domain generation algorithms (DGAs) to dynamically produce a large number of random algorithmically generated domains (AGDs) and use a few of them to communicate with the command and control servers. AGD detection

Neural Networks Based Domain Name Generation

September 1, 2021
Zheng Wang, Yang Guo
Domain generation algorithm (DGA) is commonly used to dynamically produce a large number of random domain names and select a small subset for actual use. DGA provides a method to make DNS mapping elusive and thereby make countermeasures ineffective. Modern

Task Management for Cooperative Mobile Edge Computing

November 12, 2020
Li-Tse Hsieh, Hang Liu, Yang Guo, Robert Gazda
Mobile edge computing (MEC) is an emerging paradigm that integrates computing capabilities in a wireless access network to execute computational tasks near mobile users with low latency. It is challenging to orchestrate the heterogeneous MEC edge nodes and

Online VM Auto-Scaling Algorithms for Application Hosting in a Cloud

September 1, 2020
Yang Guo, Alexander Stolyar, Anwar Walid
We consider the auto-scaling problem for application hosting in a cloud, where applications are elastic and the number of requests changes over time. The application requests are serviced by Virtual Machines (VMs), which reside on Physical Machines (PMs)

A SDN-based Network Layer for Edge Computing

November 7, 2019
An Wang, Zili Zha, Yang Guo, Songqing Chen
The advanced big data analytical technologies and ever-expanding Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and applications drive the new computing paradigm, Edge Computing. It significantly improves network performance by collecting and processing data locally or

BotSifter: A SDN-based Online Bot Detection Framework in Data Centers

June 9, 2019
An Wang, Zili Zha, Yang Guo, Douglas Montgomery, Songqing Chen
Botnets continue to be one of the most severe security threats plaguing the Internet. Recent years have witnessed the emergence of cloud-hosted botnets along with the increasing popularity of cloud platforms, which attracted not only various applications

Instrumenting Open vSwitch with Monitoring Capabalities: Designs and Challenges

March 28, 2018
Zili Zha, An Wang, Yang Guo, Douglas C. Montgomery, Songqing Chen
The recent advances on Software-Defined Networking (SDN) have made flexible and programmable network measurement possible. A promising trend is to conduct network traffic measurement on the widely deployed Open vSwitches (OVS) in data centers. However

vPROM: vSwitch Enhanced Programmable Measurement in SDN

October 10, 2017
An Wang, Yang Guo, Songqing Chen, Fang Hao, T.V. Lakshman, Douglas C. Montgomery, Kotikalapudi Sriram
Network programmability is a salient feature of Software Defined Networking (SDN), which allows users to program network applications with the perception that the underlying network is a single device. While still at an early stage of development, SDN