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Towards the development of standards and performance metrics for 3D imaging systems

April 22, 2024
Prem Rachakonda, Kamel S. Saidi, Marek Franaszek, Helen Qiao, John Sweetser, Armin Khatoonabadi, David Dechow, Wesley Rhodes
NIST is leading and supporting multiple efforts to develop standards for 3D imaging systems for manufacturing automation applications. Many manufacturers specify the performance of their sensors in non-standard ways and offer no method to verify those

Industrial Robot Accuracy Degradation Monitoring and Quick Health Assessment

May 14, 2019
Helen Qiao, Brian A. Weiss
Robot accuracy degradation monitoring and assessment are critical activities in many industrial robot applications, especially when it comes to maintaining the high accuracy required operations, such as welding, material removal, robotic drilling, and


June 7, 2017
Guixiu Qiao, Brian A. Weiss
As robot systems become increasingly prevalent in manufacturing environments, the need for improved accuracy continues to grow. Recent accuracy improvements have greatly enhanced automotive and aerospace manufacturing capabilities, including high-precision