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Dual-comb photoacoustic spectroscopy

June 19, 2020
Jacob T. Friedlein, Esther Baumann, Kimberly Briggman, Gabriel M. Colacion, Fabrizio R. Giorgetta, Daniel I. Herman, Nathan R. Newbury, Jeeseong Hwang, Ian R. Coddington, Kevin C. Cossel, Gabriel Ycas, Christopher Yung, Eli V. Hoenig, Edgar F. Perez, Aaron Goldfain
Spectrally-resolved photoacoustic imaging is a promising technique for label-free imaging in optically scattering materials. However, this technique often requires acquisition of a separate image at each wavelength of interest. This reduces imaging speeds

Femtosecond Time Synchronization of Optical Clocks Off a Flying Quadcopter

April 18, 2019
Hugo Bergeron, Laura C. Sinclair, William C. Swann, Isaac H. Khader, Kevin C. Cossel, Michael A. Cermak, Jean-Daniel Deschenes, Nathan R. Newbury
Optical clock networks promise advances in global navigation, time distribution, coherent sensing, relativity experiments, dark matter searches and other areas1-12. Such networks will need to compare and synchronize clocks over free-space optical links

Femtosecond Optical Two-Way Time-Frequency Transfer in the Presence of Motion

February 22, 2019
Laura C. Sinclair, Hugo Bergeron, William C. Swann, Isaac H. Khader, Kevin C. Cossel, Michael A. Cermak, Nathan R. Newbury, Jean-Daniel Deschenes
Platform motion poses significant challenges to high-precision optical time and frequency transfer. We give a detailed description of these challenges and their solutions in comb-based optical two-way time and frequency transfer (O-TWTFT). Specifically, we

Open-path dual-comb spectroscopy to an airborne retroreflector

July 20, 2017
Kevin C. Cossel, Eleanor M. Waxman, Fabrizio R. Giorgetta, Michael A. Cermak, Dan Hesselius, Shalom Ruben, William C. Swann, Gregory B. Rieker, Nathan R. Newbury
We demonstrate a new technique for spatial mapping of multiple atmospheric gas species. This system is based on high-precision dual-comb spectroscopy to a retroreflector mounted on a flying multicopter. We measure the atmospheric absorption over long open

Room-temperature-deposited dielectrics and superconductors for integrated photonics

May 1, 2017
Jeffrey M. Shainline, Sonia M. Buckley, Nima Nader, Cale M. Gentry, Kevin C. Cossel, Milos A. Popovic, Nathan R. Newbury, Richard P. Mirin
We present an approach to fabrication and packaging of integrated photonic devices that utilizes waveguide and detector layers deposited at near-ambient temperature. All lithography is performed with a 365 nm i-line stepper, facilitating low cost and high

Gas-phase broadband spectroscopy using active sources: progress, status, and applications

January 1, 2017
Kevin C. Cossel, Eleanor M. Waxman, Ian A. Finneran, Geoffery A. Blake, Jun Ye, Nathan R. Newbury
Broadband spectroscopy is an invaluable tool for measuring multiple gas-phase species simultaneously. In this work we review current applications for broad-band spectroscopy. We discuss components of broad-band spectroscopy including light sources