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AlGaN/GaN core-shell heterostructures for nanowire UV LEDs

May 1, 2020
Matthew D. Brubaker, Bryan T. Spann, Kristen L. Genter, Alexana Roshko, Paul T. Blanchard, Todd E. Harvey, Kristine A. Bertness
Nanowire-based ultraviolet (UV) LEDs hold great promise as nanoscale light sources, potentially enabling advanced scanning microscopy probes capable of optoelectronic sensing and near-field scanning photolithography. In this work, we report on the

Imaging Carrier Inhomogeneities in Ambipolar Tellurene Field Effect Transistors

February 12, 2020
Samuel Berweger, Gang Qiu, Yixiu Wang, Benjamin Pollard, Kristen Genter, Thomas Mitchell (Mitch) Wallis, Wenzhuo Wu, Peide Ye, Pavel Kabos
Bipolar transport underpins a wide range of semiconductor homojunction device functionalities such as pn junctions or transistors. The capability to image and understand spatial inhomogeneities un carrier type and the conductivity associated with each

UV LEDs Based on p-i-n Core-Shell AlGaN/GaN Nanowire Heterostructures Grown by N-polar Selective Area Epitaxy

March 20, 2019
Matthew Brubaker, Kristen Genter, Alexana Roshko, Paul T. Blanchard, Bryan T. Spann, Todd E. Harvey, Kris A. Bertness
Ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV LEDs) fabricated from N-polar AlGaN/GaN core-shell nanowires with p-i-n structure produced electroluminescence at 365 nm with 5x higher intensities than similar GaN homojunction LEDs. The improved characteristics were

Core-Shell p-i-n GaN Nanowire LEDs by N-polar Selective Area Growth

September 11, 2018
Matthew D. Brubaker, Kristen L. Genter, Bryan T. Spann, Alexana Roshko, Paul T. Blanchard, Todd E. Harvey, Kristine A. Bertness
GaN nanowire LEDs with radial p-i-n junctions were grown by molecular beam epitaxy using N- polar selective area growth on Si(111) substrates. The N-polar selective area growth process facilitated the growth of isolated and high-aspect-ratio n-type NW