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Probing Clustering Dynamics between Silicon and PAA or LiPAA Slurries under Processing Conditions

June 3, 2021
Mary Burdette-Trofimov, Beth Armstrong, Ryan Murphy, Luke Heroux, Mathieu Doucet, Alexander Rogers, Gabriel Veith
This work explores the complex interplay between slurry aggregation, agglomeration, and conformation (i.e. shape) of poly(acrylic acid) (PAA) and lithiated poly(acrylic acid) (LiPAA) based silicon slurries as a function of shear rate, and the resulting

Role of low molecular weight polymers on the dynamics of silicon anodes during casting

April 13, 2021
Mary Burdette, Beth Armstrong, Ryan Murphy, Luke Heroux, Mathieu Doucet, Stephen Trask, Alexander Rogers, Gabriel Veith
This work probes the slurry architecture of a high silicon content electrode slurry with and without low molecular weight polymeric dispersants as a function of shear rate to mimic electrode casting conditions for poly(acrylic acid) (PAA) and lithium

Multiscale Microstructure, Composition, and Stability of Surfactant/Polymer Foams

December 8, 2020
Stefania Perticaroli, Jana Herzberger, Yiping Sun, Jonathan D. Nickels, Ryan Murphy, Kathleen Weigandt, Paula J. Ray
Foam stability is a critical part of product performance and consumer experience in materials as diverse as beer or detergents. Inclusion of polymer additives is a known strategy to improve foam stability, but questions persist about the amount of polymer

Capillary RheoSANS: Measuring the Rheology and Nanostructure of Complex Fluids at High Shear Rates

July 15, 2020
Ryan P Murphy, Zachary W. Riedel, Marshall A. Nakatani, Paul Salipante, Javen S. Weston, Steven D. Hudson, Kathleen M Weigandt
Complex fluids containing micelles, proteins, polymers and inorganic nanoparticles are often processed and used in high shear environments that can lead to structural changes at the nanoscale. Here, capillary rheometery is combined with small-angle neutron

Pipe Flow of Sphere Suspensions having a Power-Law-Dependent Fluid Matrix

March 5, 2020
Nicos Martys, William L. George, Ryan P Murphy, Kathleen M Weigandt
Measurement and prediction of suspension flow properties in cylindrical geometries represents a significant challenge for both the experimentalist and modeller. In this paper, results of a computational study of suspension flow in a pipe geometry using a

Dynamic Arrest of Adhesive Hard Rod Dispersions

February 7, 2020
Ryan P Murphy, Harold Wickes Hatch, Nathan NMN Mahynski, Vincent K. Shen, Norman J. Wagner
Dynamic arrest transitions of model, thermoreversible dispersions of adhesive hard rods are measured as a function of absolute temperature Τ = 15 -40 °C, aspect ration L/D{approximately equal}3-7, and volume fraction φ0.1-0.5. The critical gel temperature