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Recommendations from the Ocean Carbonate System Intercomparison Forum: Quantifying and reducing uncertainties in the calculations of carbonate system equilibrium in the oceans

December 14, 2023
Brendan Carter, Jonathan Sharp, Andrew Dickson, Marta Alvarez, Michael Fong, Maribel Garcia-Ibanez, Ryan Woosley, Takeshita Yuichiro, Leticia Barbero, Robert Byrne, Wei-Jun Cai, Melissa Chierici, Simon Clegg, Regina Easley, Andrea Fassbender, Kalla Fleger, Xinyu Li, Macarena Martin-Mayor, Katelyn Schockman, Aleck Wang Zhaohui
The ocean carbonate system is critical to monitor because it plays a major role in regulating Earth's climate and marine ecosystems. It is monitored using a variety of measurements, and it is commonly understood that all major components of the seawater

Spectrophotometric Measurement of Carbonate Ion in Seawater over a Decade: Dealing with Inconsistencies

June 7, 2022
Elisa Guallart, Noelia Fajar, Maribel Garcia-Ibanez, Monica Castano-Carrera, Rocio Santiago-Domenech, Abed El Rahman Hassoun, Fiz Perez, Regina Easley, Marta Alvarez
The spectrophotometric methodology for carbonate ion determination in seawater was first published in 2008 and has been continuously evolving in terms of reagents and formulation. Although the method proves to be fast, relatively simple and affordable

QARTOD - Prospects for Real-Time Quality Control Manuals, How to Create Them, and a Vision for Advanced Implementation

September 28, 2020
Mark Bushnell, Kathleen Bailey, Julie Bosch, Eugene Burger, Jennifer Dorton, Regina Easley, Bob Heitsenrether, Jeff King, Karen Grissom, Mario Tamburri, Julianna Thomas, Christoph Waldmann
The U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Quality Assurance / Quality Control of Real- Time Oceanographic Data (QARTOD) Project marshaled hundreds of volunteer subject matter experts to identify tests to evaluate real-time data quality by