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Quantitative Studies of Bose-Einstein Condensation in a Dilute Atomic Vapor

October 12, 2021
D S. Jin, J R. Ensher, M R. Matthews, C E. Wieman, Eric A. Cornell
We observe Bose-Elinstein condensation (BEC) in a dilute atomic gas cooled below 170 nK. 87 Rb atoms are optically trapped and precooled loaded into a magnetic trap, and them evaporatively cooled through the BEC phase transition. We present results of

Recent Experiments with Bose-Condensed Gases at JILA

October 12, 2021
D S. Hall, J R. Ensher, D S. Jin, M R. Matthews, C E. Wieman, Eric A. Cornell
We consider a binary mixture of two overlapping Bose-Einstein condensates in two different hyperfine states of 87 Rb with nearly indentical magnetic moments. Such a system has been simply realized through application of radio frequency and microwave which

Trainspotters Log Major Delays

October 16, 2008
Eric A. Cornell
Hau and her colleagues suggest that their newly demonstrated ability to control the flow of optical information may have technological relevance in the quantum information business.