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Recent Experiments with Bose-Condensed Gases at JILA



D S. Hall, J R. Ensher, D S. Jin, M R. Matthews, C E. Wieman, Eric A. Cornell


We consider a binary mixture of two overlapping Bose-Einstein condensates in two different hyperfine states of 87Rb with nearly indentical magnetic moments. Such a system has been simply realized through application of radio frequency and microwave which drives a two-photon transition between the two states. The nearly identical magnetic moments afford a high degree of spatial overlap, permitting a number of new experiments. We discuss some of the conditions under which the magnetic moments are identical, with particular emphasis placed on the requirements for a time-averaged orbiting potential (TOP) magnetic trap.
Proceedings of the SPIE


binary condensate mixtures, Bose-Einstein condensation, rf and microwave spectroscopy, rubidium, TOP magnetic trap


Hall, D. , Ensher, J. , Jin, D. , Matthews, M. , Wieman, C. and Cornell, E. (2021), Recent Experiments with Bose-Condensed Gases at JILA, Proceedings of the SPIE (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021