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Compact total irradiance monitor: Flight demonstration

Dave Harber, John H. Lehman, Nathan A. Tomlin, Christopher S. Yung, Malcolm G. White, Zach Castleman, Ginger Drake, Samuel Van Dreser, Nat Farber, Karl Heurman, Joel Rutkowski, Alan Sims, Jacob Sprunck, Cameron Straatsma, Isaac Wanamaker, Wengang Zheng, Greg Kopp, P. Pilewskie, Michelle S. Stephens
The long-term balance between Earth’s absorption of solar energy and emission of radiation to space is a fundamental climate measurement. Total solar irradiance

BABAR: Black Array of Broadband Absolute Radiometers for far infrared sensing

Christopher S. Yung, Nathan A. Tomlin, Cameron Straatsma, Joel Rutkowski, Erik Richard, Dave Harber, John H. Lehman, Michelle S. Stephens
Currently at NIST, there is an effort to develop a black array of broadband absolute radiometers (BABAR) for far infrared sensing. The linear array of

Inline Laser Power Measurement by Photon Momentum

John H. Lehman, Paul A. Williams, Daniel W. Rahn, Kyle A. Rogers
We present a measurement scheme and instrumentation for quantifying laser power by means of photon momentum. The optical design is optimized such that the

Radiation-Pressure Enabled Traceable Laser Sources at High CW Powers

Paul A. Williams, Alexandra B. Artusio-Glimpse, Joshua A. Hadler, Daniel King, Ivan Ryger, Tam Vo, John H. Lehman, Kyle A. Rogers
Radiation pressure has recently been shown to have practical application for multi-kilowatt CW laser power measurement. One key advantage lies in its ability to

Cryogenic Primary Standard for Optical Fibre Power Measurement

Malcolm G. White, Zeus Ruiz, Christopher S. Yung, Igor Vayshenker, Nathan A. Tomlin, Michelle S. Stephens, John H. Lehman
NIST has completed commissioning a new, state-of-the-art cryogenic primary standard for optical fibre power measurement and calibration. It establishes for the

Point-of-Use, Nonexclusive, High-Power Laser Power Meter

Alexandra B. Artusio-Glimpse, Ivan Ryger, Paul A. Williams, John H. Lehman
We have developed a small-package, high-power laser power meter that directly measures radiation pressure on a high-reflectivity mirror for nonexclusive, in

Carbon Nanotube-Based Black Coatings

John H. Lehman, Christopher S. Yung, Nathan A. Tomlin, Davis R. Conklin, Michelle S. Stephens
It has been shown that coatings comprised of carbon nanotubes are very black; that is, characterized by low reflectance over a broad wavelength range from the

A Planar Hyperblack Absolute Radiometer

John H. Lehman, Michelle S. Stephens, Malcolm G. White, Andreas Steiger, Christian Monte, Joerg Hollandt, Ivan Ryger, Mathias Kehrt, Marla L. Dowell
The absolute responsivity of a planar radiometer fabricated from micromachined silicon and having carbon nanotubes as the absorber and thermistor was measured

Low noise thermistor read out for wideband room temperature infrared detectors

Ivan Ryger, Michelle S. Stephens, John H. Lehman, Matthew T. Spidell, Malcolm G. White, Nathan A. Tomlin, Dave Harber, Peter Lobotka
An absolute electrical substitution radiometer is a way to ensure highly accurate and stable measurement of optical power in a wide range of optical wavelengths