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High-efficiency Coherence-Preserving Harmonic Rejection with Crystal Optics

September 1, 2018
Fan Zhang, Andrew J. Allen, Lyle E. Levine, Gabrielle G. Long, Ivan Kuzmenko, Jan Ilavsky
We report a harmonic rejection scheme based on the combination of Si (111) monochromator and Si (220) harmonic-rejection crystal optics. This approach is of importance to a wide range of X- ray applications in all three major branches of modern X-ray

Effect of Heat Treatment on the Microstructural Evolution of a Nickel-Based Superalloy Additive-Manufactured by Powder Bed Fusion Laser Sintering

June 15, 2018
Fan Zhang, Lyle E. Levine, Andrew J. Allen, Mark R. Stoudt, Greta Lindwall, Eric Lass, Maureen E. Williams, Yaakov S. Idell, Carelyn E. Campbell
Elemental segregation is a ubiquitous phenomenon in additive-manufactured (AM) parts due to solute rejection and redistribution during the rapid solidification process. Using electron microscopy, in situ synchrotron X-ray scattering and diffraction, and

Development of combined microstructure and structure characterization facility for in situ and operando studies at the Advanced Photon Source

June 1, 2018
Jan Ilavsky, Fan Zhang, Ross N. Andrews, Ivan Kuzmenko, Pete R. Jemian, Lyle E. Levine, Andrew J. Allen
Following many years of evolutionary development, first at the National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven National Laboratory, and then at the Advanced Photon Source (APS), Argonne National Laboratory, the APS ultra-small-angle X-ray scattering (USAXS)

The Influence of Annealing Temperature and Time on the Formation of delta-Phase in Additively-Manufactured Inconel 625

May 10, 2018
Mark R. Stoudt, Eric Lass, Daniel S. Ng, Maureen E. Williams, Fan Zhang, Carelyn E. Campbell, Greta Lindwall, Lyle E. Levine
This research evaluated the kinetics of delta-phase growth in laser powder bed additively- manufactured (AM) Inconel 625 during post-build stress-relief heat treatments. The temperatures ranged between 650 °C to 1050 °C, and the times from 0.25 h to 168 h

In situ Angstrom-to-Micrometer Characterization of the Structural and Microstructural Changes in Kaolinite on Heating using Ultra-Small-Angle, Small-Angle, and Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering (USAXS/SAXS/WAXS)

September 26, 2017
Fan Zhang, Andrew J. Allen, Greeshma Gadikota
In this study, synchrotron-based in-operando multi-scale X-ray scattering analyses are used to connect the microstructural changes to the phase changes in kaolinite on heating from 30 °C to 1150 °C. Combined ultra-small-angle and small-angle X-ray

Application of Finite Element, Phase-field, and CALPHAD-based Methods to Additive Manufacturing of Ni-based Superalloys

September 21, 2017
Trevor Keller, Greta Lindwall, Supriyo Ghosh, Li Ma, Brandon M. Lane, Fan Zhang, Ursula R. Kattner, Eric Lass, Yaakov S. Idell, Maureen E. Williams, Andrew J. Allen, Jonathan E. Guyer, Lyle E. Levine
Numerical simulations are used in this work to investigate aspects of microstructure and microsegregation during rapid solidification of a Ni-based superalloy in a laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing process. Thermal modeling by finite element

Fast-Responding Bio-Based Shape Memory Thermoplastic Polyurethanes

July 14, 2017
Zoran S. Petrovic, Jelena Milic, Fan Zhang, Jan Ilavsky
Fast response shape-memory polyurethanes were prepared from bio-based polyols, diphenyl methane diisocyanate and butane diol. The bio-based polyester polyols were synthesized from 9-hydroxynonanoic acid, a product obtained by ozonolysis of fatty acids

29Si NMR and SAXS investigation of the hybrid organic-inorganic glasses obtained by consolidation of the melting gels

March 15, 2017
Andrei Jitianu, Sylvian Cadars, Fan Zhang, Gabriela Rodriguez, Quentin Picard, Mario Aparicio, Jadra Mosa, Lisa C. Klein
This study is focused on structural characterization of hybrid glasses obtained by consolidation of melting gels. The melting gels were prepared in molar ratios of methyltriethoxysilane (MTES) and dimethyldiethoxysilane (DMDES) of 75%MTES-25%DMDES and 65

Homogenization Kinetics of a Nickel-based Superalloy Produced by Powder Bed Fusion Laser Sintering

January 26, 2017
Fan Zhang, Lyle E. Levine, Andrew J. Allen, Eric Lass, Sudha Cheruvathur, Mark R. Stoudt, Maureen E. Williams, Yaakov S. Idell, Carelyn E. Campbell
Additively manufactured (AM) metal components often exhibit fine dendritic microstructures and elemental segregation due to the initial rapid solidification and subsequent melting and cooling during the build process, which without homogenization would

In Situ Structural Characterization of Ageing Kinetics in Aluminum Alloy 2024 across Angstrom-to-Micrometer Length Scales

June 1, 2016
Fan Zhang, Lyle E. Levine, Andrew J. Allen, Carelyn E. Campbell, Adam Abel Creuziger, Nataliya Kazantseva, Jan Ilavsky
The precipitate structure and precipitation kinetics in an Al-Cu-Mg alloy (AA2024) aged at 190 °C, 208 °C, and 226 °C have been studied using ex situ TEM and in situ synchrotron-based, combined ultra-small angle X-ray scattering, small angle X-ray

Unexpected ?-Phase Formation in Additive Manufactured Ni-based Super Alloy

January 8, 2016
Yaakov S. Idell, Lyle E. Levine, Andrew J. Allen, Fan Zhang, Carelyn E. Campbell, Greg Olson, Jiadong Gong, David Snyder
An as-built and solutionized Ni-based super alloy built by additive manufacturing through a direct metal laser sintering technique is characterized to understand the microstructural differences as compared to the as-wrought alloy. The rapid solidification

Orthogonal Analysis of Functional Gold Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

September 11, 2015
De-Hao D. Tsai, Yi-Fu Lu, Frank W. DelRio, Tae Joon Cho, Suvajyoti S. Guha, Michael R. Zachariah, Fan Zhang, Andrew J. Allen, Vincent A. Hackley
We report a comprehensive strategy based on implementation of orthogonal measurement techniques to provide critical and verifiable material characteristics for functionalized gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) used in biomedical applications. Thiolated


August 28, 2015
Fan Zhang, Ivan Javni, Olivera Bili?, Nikola Bili? , Zoran S. Petrovic, Jan Ilavsky
Isosorbide, a renewable diol derived from starch, was used in combination with butane diol or alone as the chain extender in two series of thermoplastic polyurethanes with 50 and 70% soft segment concentration (SSC). Polyurethanes with 50% SSC based on

Small-Angle X-ray Scattering of Ionic Liquids

June 1, 2015
Fan Zhang, Joshua A. Hammons, Jan Ilavsky
Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) is a powerful technique that is used to resolve the size and structure of phases on the nanometer scale, within a sample. While these features may also be observed with other techniques, such as: electron microscopy or

Structural and Dynamical Studies of Acid Mediated Conversion in Amorphous-Calcium-Phosphate Based Dental Composites

October 31, 2014
Fan Zhang, Andrew J. Allen, Lyle E. Levine, Mark D. Vaudin, Drago Skrtic, Joseph M. Antonucci, Kathleen M. Hoffman, Anthony A. Giuseppetti, Jan Ilavsky
Amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) based composites are promising restorative dental materials attributable to ACP's capacity to release calcium and phosphate ions through a complex reaction in which ACP is converted to its crystalline, apatitic form