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In situ characterization of ceramic cold sintering by small-angle scattering



Andrew J. Allen, Igor Levin, Russell Maier, Suzanne E. Witt, Fan Zhang, Ivan Kuzmenko


The first in situ characterization of the pore morphology evolution during the cold sintering process (CSP) is presented using small-angle X-ray scattering methods. For practical reasons, measurements have been made on a model system, KH2PO4 (KDP). The scattering signal revealed a striking behavior that could be modeled with nanoscale structural features, associated with the dissolution and reprecipitation of KDP close to the grain/pore interface during CSP. The prospects for future more quantitative experiments under a range of temperature and pressure conditions, as well as for studies of more technologically important materials such as ZnO are considered.
Journal of the American Ceramic Society


ceramic processing, materials characterization, small-angle X-ray scattering, cold sintering


Allen, A. , Levin, I. , Maier, R. , Witt, S. , Zhang, F. and Kuzmenko, I. (2021), In situ characterization of ceramic cold sintering by small-angle scattering, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, [online], (Accessed May 22, 2024)


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Created January 1, 2021, Updated October 21, 2022